The world of retail is changing radically, not just toward online sales, but toward a resale, or “recommerce,” model – for a long list of reasons!

As we know, shopping at local and small, family-owned businesses reinvests revenue and tax money right back into our own community, where it is needed now more than ever. But not all businesses deal in newly manufactured merchandise. Think consignment shops, antique dealers, used book stores, charity shops, and estate sales! “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” takes on a whole new meaning as locals needing to liquidate goods are connected – via local entrepreneurs – with locals wishing to buy. It’s a huge plus, too, that the resulting carbon footprint is very small, and that our wonderful / practical / unusual treasures become not waste, but another person’s valued possession. This growing retail trend has found a receptive audience in modern shoppers and is having a significant impact on major national retailers of new, mass produced goods (think ThredUp or 1stDibs, etc – some now forming test partnerships with national brick-and-mortar chains.)

Take a look at this recent article from The USChamber: “The Rise of the Resale Market”

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