Estate Sale Events

How can I purchase something at the Preview Sale or Public Estate Sale?

Join us at the Estate Sale Event and make purchases during the dates and times posted on the Treasured Estates website Calendar page. When the event starts, items can be purchased at any time during our posted hours. We do not use a number system; everyone comes in and makes their purchases independently. If you decide you want an item as you are walking through the estate, you can pick it up or ask a salesperson for assistance. Our trained sales associates would be glad to mark an item with a "Sold" tag with your contact information, assist you with larger items, and place smaller items on the “HOLD TABLE” near the cashier station while you continue to shop.

Do you let people into your sales early?

There are no sales prior to the posted dates and times. The Preview Sale and our occasional Private Sales are open to anyone on the Treasured Estates mailing list. The Public Sale is open to all participants.

Is this an auction?

No, this is an Estate Sale where items are clearly priced for immediate purchase. There are no buyer’s fees.

How does pricing work?

We price items at Fair Market Value. Prices are non-negotiable on the first day of the sale. The second day of the sale, we consider offers on items priced over $100. On the final day of the sale, we reduce prices in most cases to half price, and we entertain offers on other items.

Can you tell me the price of an item before the Estate Sale starts?

You may review the Sale Catalogue which details selected items that will be offered for sale. Prices can be subject to change for various reasons, so quoting prices ahead of time can be challenging.

How can I pay for my purchases?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and cash. We do not accept checks.

Do you offer returns?

The only items that may be returned are electronics. In the rare event that you buy a piece of electronic equipment that does not work, contact us immediately. The item must be returned by Sunday or the last day of the sale for a full refund. Otherwise, all sales are final.

Should I need to leave, will you hold items for me until I return?

Because of the short duration of Estate Sales, we can only hold items that have already been paid for. Unpaid items left behind are returned to the sales floor.

What do you do with the items that remain unsold after the Estate Sale?

Every project is different and subject to the direction of the owners. Generally, the owners keep the items, or they are donated to a local non-profit organization for a tax credit. For items of significant value, Treasured Estates may continue to sell them on a consignment basis from the Treasured Estates Showroom. If you would like a second chance to purchase an item you saw at an Estate Sale event, please contact us, as we may still have it available.

Do you offer delivery?

Treasured Estates does not offer delivery services. However, we can make recommendations to a third party who has handled numerous deliveries for Treasured Estates buyers and can provide you with a quote on-site.