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$3 Tag Sale Find Sells for $2.22M

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A rare Chinese bowl bought at a tag sale for $3 has sold at a New York auction for more than $2.22 million.

The 1,000-year-old bowl was part of the opening session of Sotheby's fine Chinese ceramics and works of art auction Tuesday.

Sotheby's says it was sold to a London dealer for $2.225 million, far above the presale estimate of $200,000 to $300,000.

The person who put the bowl up for auction bought it at a tag sale in 2007 and had it displayed in the living room for several years before becoming curious about its origins and having it examined.

The bowl is 5 inches in diameter, white in color and from the Northern Song Dynasty.



The Lost Leonardo

Photo: Possible da Vinci painting

Lady with a Secret

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In the February 2012 issue of National Geographic Magazine a potential $100 Million Dollar Leonardo is sold for less than $25, 000. This amazing discovery illustrates many important points when evaluating and collecting fine art. Chiefly, experts can disagree and often make serious mistakes regarding works of art; and treasures of significant importance can be uncovered at any time. Join us in our never ending quest to find them!

Article written By Tom O'Neill
Photograph by Gianluca Colla

Bianca Sforza attracted few stares when introduced to the art world on January 30, 1998. She was just a pretty face in a frame to the crowd at a Christie's auction in New York City. Nobody knew her name at the time, or the name of the artist who had made the portrait. The catalog listed the work—a colored chalk-and-ink drawing on vellum—as early 19th century and German, with borrowed Renaissance styling. A New York dealer, Kate Ganz, purchased the picture for $21,850.

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