It goes without saying that the best dining table is one that works for your budget and style, and one that will last for generations. Here are a few more tips to consider…

· Don’t get caught up in design trends; keep it simple and sturdy with solid construction. Look for well-made over flashy, with a finish that will withstand heavy use and show little wear.

· If your budget permits, choose solid wood over veneer every time. It’s a “pay now or pay later” concept. · Make sure your dining table fits your dining room; be mindful of the footprint. To sit comfortably, keep 3 feet of space on each side – and more is even better! · Allow 22” – 24” inches of table space for each chair.

· Permission to break up the dining set – granted! Find your ideal table first, and then source chairs that are comfortable, complementary, and … wait for it … even a different style, material, or period than your table!

 · Consider the shape. Not all shapes are equally pleasing in every room. We are big fans of oval or round tables – perhaps with removable extensions – that can give you a little more space when you need it. Round tables can also relieve the eye in a room full of rectangular shapes, and are ideal for parties and conversations. Feel free to eliminate the “head of the table” tradition – all diners are important!

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